Books To Read After “Daisy Jones And The Six”

“Daisy Jones & The Six” is a captivating story by Taylor Jenkins Reid, showcasing the highs and lows of the music world through the lens of a fictional iconic 1970s rock band. Notorious for its memorable characters and poignant exploration of creative passion and interpersonal dynamics, it’s no surprise that many readers find themselves looking for similar themes after turning the last page.

In this blog post, we venture beyond Daisy Jones’ world to explore books that resonate with the distinctive elements that made Reid’s novel so impactful. From narratives deeply intertwined with music and the industry’s gritty realities to stories spotlighting complex, strong-willed female characters – we’ve got your post-“Daisy Jones & The Six” reading list covered.

Let’s dive in and discover new stories that will further fuel your reading passion.

Overview of the Categories of Books

In our search for books reminiscent of the captivating “Daisy Jones & The Six”, we found that the titles could be broadly grouped into three categories. This categorization will help streamline your reading selection based on the elements of Reid’s novel that resonated the most with you.

Fiction Books Delving into Music and the Industry

The first category includes books that, much like “Daisy Jones & The Six”, weave their narratives around music and the industry.

These books transport readers into the heart of the music world, offering an insider’s perspective into the glamour and grunge of the industry, and the passion that fuels it.

Non-fiction Books on Real-life Rock ‘n’ Roll Stories

The next category features non-fiction titles, true stories of legendary musicians and the trials and triumphs they faced in their rise to fame. These books provide a real-life glimpse into the world Daisy Jones was part of, offering first-hand accounts of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and the personalities that defined it.

Books Focused on Complex, Strong Female Characters

Finally, our third category comprises books centered around strong, complex female characters who, like Daisy, confront adversity, explore their identities, and shape their destinies. These narratives highlight the resilience, determination, and multidimensionality of their protagonists, presenting readers with compelling character studies.

Fiction Books Delving into Music and the Industry

Just as “Daisy Jones & The Six” successfully draws you into the throbbing heart of the music scene, these fiction titles will keep you engrossed with their compelling portrayals of the music industry and its players.

“The Final Revival of Opal & Nev” by Dawnie Walton

Dawnie Walton’s debut novel, “The Final Revival of Opal & Nev”, is an engrossing tale about a bold, fiery, Afro-punk duo who shot to fame in the 70s. The story is presented as an oral history and explores themes of music, race, and the cost of fame, making it an enthralling read for Daisy Jones fans.

“A Visit from the Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Egan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “A Visit from the Goon Squad”, is a profound exploration of the passage of time as viewed through the lens of the music industry. Comprising interlocking stories, the novel delves into the lives of a music executive and the characters he encounters. The novel’s exploration of music, time, and the intertwined fates of its characters makes it a must-read.

“Great Jones Street” by Don DeLillo

“Great Jones Street” by Don DeLillo tells the story of Bucky Wunderlick, a rock star who abandons his successful music career at the peak of his fame. As he retreats into a drab apartment on Great Jones Street, he navigates fame, identity, and the nature of rock ‘n’ roll. Its narrative promises to captivate fans of “Daisy Jones & The Six” with its introspective and incisive exploration of the music industry.

Non-fiction Books on Real-life Rock ‘n’ Roll Stories

For those who found the rock ‘n’ roll backdrop of “Daisy Jones & The Six” particularly fascinating, these non-fiction books will provide an intriguing real-world glimpse into the highs, lows, and behind-the-scenes of the music world.

“Life” by Keith Richards

“Life”, the autobiography of Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards, is as candid and riveting as you’d expect. With rich details about his music journey, bouts with the law, and notorious substance abuse, this book serves as a raw, unfiltered exploration of rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle from someone who’s lived it to the hilt.

“No One Here Gets Out Alive” by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman

“No One Here Gets Out Alive” chronicles the life of Jim Morrison, the charismatic yet troubled lead vocalist of The Doors. Written by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman, this biography details Morrison’s intense passion for music, his self-destructive tendencies, and his untimely death, offering a sobering look at the toll fame and excess can take.

“Just Kids” by Patti Smith

Patti Smith’s “Just Kids” is a moving memoir of her lifelong relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe during the ’60s and ’70s in New York City. Centered around their shared dreams and struggles in their artistic careers, this book reveals the heart of the rock ‘n’ roll scene from the perspective of someone who helped define it.

Books Focused on Complex, Strong Female Characters

Just as Daisy Jones left an indelible impact with her resilience and complexity, these books feature female protagonists who are unapologetically themselves, tackling life’s ups and downs with tenacity and depth.

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Another mesmerizing novel from Taylor Jenkins Reid, “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” delves into the life of a glamorous film icon who lived a life of bold choices and great love affairs. Evelyn’s complexity, resilience, and spirit echo that of Daisy Jones, making this an excellent follow-up read.

“Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty

“Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty is an engrossing tale of three women, each dealing with her own set of issues. As the narrative unfolds, it reveals the strength and complexity of each character. While not set against a music backdrop, it shares Daisy Jones’ focus on powerful and intricate female characters navigating the complexities of their lives.

“An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones

In “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones, the story revolves around a woman dealing with her husband’s incarceration and its aftermath. It’s a tale of love, resilience, and determination in the face of adversity, featuring a strong female protagonist whose story might resonate with Daisy Jones fans.

More Book Recommendations for Daisy Jones Fans

“Songbook” by Nick Hornby

A fascinating collection of essays about songs and the personal significance they hold for the author. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in the deep, personal impact of music.

“Kill Your Friends” by John Niven

A darkly humorous novel set in the music industry at the height of Britpop. It offers an edgier, more cynical take on the industry Daisy Jones inhabited.

“The Ensemble” by Aja Gabel

This book captures the world of a string quartet and the beautiful, complex relationships between its members. It explores themes of art, friendship, and ambition, much like “Daisy Jones & The Six.”

“Swing Time” by Zadie Smith

This novel delves into the world of dance, music, and complicated female friendships, reminding readers of the dynamic between Daisy and the other women in her life.

“High Fidelity” by Nick Hornby

A classic exploration of music fandom, mixed tapes, and relationship woes. This book is a treat for anyone who resonated with the music passion present in “Daisy Jones & The Six.”

“Girl in a Band” by Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon, the bassist of Sonic Youth, offers a compelling memoir about her life in the band, her personal relationships, and her art. A must-read for those interested in real stories of women in music.

“Rod: The Autobiography” by Rod Stewart

A candid and riveting account of Rod Stewart’s life in music. It offers a real-life perspective of a rock star’s life, paralleling the fictional world of Daisy Jones.

“Less Than Zero” by Bret Easton Ellis

While not specifically about music, this book captures the drug-fueled, disillusioned youth culture of the ’80s Los Angeles, reminiscent of the darker aspects of Daisy Jones’ story.

“Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.” by Viv Albertine

A memoir by the guitarist of punk band The Slits. This book is a candid exploration of a woman’s life in music and the struggles she faced, offering a gritty parallel to Daisy’s journey.

“The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah

Though not set in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, this novel features strong, complex female characters facing the trials of World War II. Their resilience and complexity are reminiscent of Daisy’s character.


From fictional portrayals of the music industry to real-life rock ‘n’ roll stories, to narratives featuring complex, strong female characters – we’ve journeyed through various titles that echo the captivating elements of “Daisy Jones & The Six”.

Whether it was the enticing music backdrop, the vivid female characters, or the intriguing interpersonal dynamics that drew you into Daisy Jones’ world, we hope this reading list helps you explore similar themes and discover new authors and stories to love.

In the vast landscape of literature, these are just a few selections. We’d love to hear from you, our readers. Have you read and enjoyed any of these books? Do you have any other recommendations for fellow “Daisy Jones & The Six” fans?

Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. Let’s keep the conversation going and the book recommendations flowing!

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