Books to Read After “Archer’s Voice”

If you’ve recently turned the last page of Mia Sheridan’s ‘Archer’s Voice’ and found yourself yearning for more, you’re not alone. This impactful story, teeming with rich characters and a compelling narrative, has resonated with many readers.

It is often the case that when we finish a book that touches us deeply, we search for similar experiences. ‘Archer’s Voice’ was one such book that managed to touch our hearts, stir our emotions, and make us think.

Understanding the elements that make this novel unique can help us identify other books that might offer a similar kind of satisfaction.

In the next sections, we’ll be delving into those unique aspects of ‘Archer’s Voice’ and suggesting books that echo these qualities.

Elements that Make ‘Archer’s Voice’ Unique

Character Development and Their Depth

‘Archer’s Voice’ is well-loved for its deeply drawn characters. Archer Hale, the mute lead, is a character that readers can empathize with easily. His struggle with isolation and communication, juxtaposed with his rich internal world, makes for a poignant and memorable character.

Bree Prescott, the other lead, also leaves a strong impression with her resilience and capacity for empathy. Her experience of loss and her journey of healing resonates with many readers. The interactions and evolution of these characters form the crux of the book.

Emotional Resonance of The Plot

A crucial element that distinguishes ‘Archer’s Voice’ is its emotional depth. The plot revolves around love, loss, trauma, and healing, themes that hit close to home for many. It beautifully explores the process of how two damaged individuals help each other heal, making it a deeply moving narrative.

The Theme of Overcoming Personal Traumas

‘Archer’s Voice’ is not just a love story; it’s a tale about overcoming personal traumas. Archer and Bree both carry past traumas that shape their lives and interactions. The story demonstrates the process of dealing with these traumas and moving forward. This theme is thoughtfully explored and forms a significant part of the book’s appeal.

Suggested Books and Why They Relate to ‘Archer’s Voice’

“Making Faces” by Amy Harmon

Just like ‘Archer’s Voice’, ‘Making Faces’ delves into themes of love, trauma, and healing. It tells the story of a young man whose life dramatically changes after an accident. The book is populated by characters that are beautifully layered, each dealing with their struggles, much like the protagonists in ‘Archer’s Voice’. This makes it a great choice for readers seeking stories that delve into the depth of the human spirit.

“The Law of Moses” by Amy Harmon

Amy Harmon is a master at creating deeply emotional narratives, as is evident in ‘The Law of Moses’. This book traces the life of Moses, a man haunted by a troubled past, and his journey to redemption. Just as Bree and Archer discover love and healing, so too does Moses. This novel offers a touching exploration of forgiveness and love, echoing the sentiments of ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“The Silent Waters” by Brittainy C. Cherry

‘The Silent Waters’ presents another poignant tale of love and trauma. Much like ‘Archer’s Voice’, the protagonists deal with painful pasts and how they shape their present. Their journey towards healing through love makes this novel a compelling read for those who loved the themes explored in ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“The Song of David” by Amy Harmon

In ‘The Song of David’, Amy Harmon tells another profound tale of love and resilience. It follows David, a fighter with his own set of past troubles, and his journey towards self-discovery. The intricate character development and exploration of personal growth in this novel make it akin to the journey of Archer and Bree.

“A Different Blue” by Amy Harmon

‘A Different Blue’ revolves around a young woman grappling with her tumultuous past. Just like Archer and Bree, she has to navigate her traumas to discover her potential for love and growth. It is a touching tale of personal evolution, and its exploration of themes similar to ‘Archer’s Voice’ makes it an excellent choice for readers seeking similar narratives.

Additional Recommendations

“Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover

This heart-wrenching tale is about love in its rawest form. Just as ‘Archer’s Voice’, ‘Ugly Love’ explores themes of heartbreak and healing, making it a perfect follow-up read.

“The Sea of Tranquility” by Katja Millay

This novel revolves around two damaged individuals finding solace in each other. It’s a recommended read due to its exploration of trauma and healing, similar to ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is known for her emotional narratives, and this book is no exception. It’s a deeply moving story of love and sacrifice, resonating with the themes found in ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“On the Island” by Tracey Garvis Graves

A story about survival and unexpected love, this book’s character depth and emotional resonance mirror those of ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“Slammed” by Colleen Hoover

This book, with its compelling characters and emotional depth, explores love and loss in a unique manner, making it a fitting addition to this list.

“The Light We Lost” by Jill Santopolo

This book narrates a deeply emotional love story fraught with choices and consequences, echoing the emotional depth of ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“The Bronze Horseman” by Paullina Simons

A historical romance set against the backdrop of World War II, this book’s exploration of love and survival under difficult circumstances makes it akin to ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“The Five Stages of Falling in Love” by Rachel Higginson

This book delves into the process of finding love after loss. Its themes align closely with those explored in ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“Before We Were Strangers” by Renée Carlino

A touching tale about lost love and second chances, this book resonates with the theme of overcoming past traumas found in ‘Archer’s Voice’.

“Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes

This novel explores an unconventional love story between two unique characters. Its exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery makes it a great read after ‘Archer’s Voice’.


Through exploring these recommended books, we have dived into the depths of characters that mirror the richness of those found in ‘Archer’s Voice’. Each book encapsulates themes of love, loss, trauma, and healing, all beautifully intertwined within their narratives.

Stories like “Making Faces”, “The Law of Moses”, “The Silent Waters”, “The Song of David”, and “A Different Blue” not only echo the poignant themes found in ‘Archer’s Voice’, but they also bring unique perspectives and storylines that can provide new emotional experiences for readers.

As you embark on these literary journeys, remember that the power of a book often lies in its ability to resonate with us, to touch our hearts, and to make us see a part of ourselves in its characters. So, dive in, and may these books bring you as much joy and introspection as ‘Archer’s Voice’ did.

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