Books To Read After “365 Days”

If you’ve turned the last page of ‘365 Days’ and found yourself yearning for more captivating narratives and passionate romance, you’re not alone. The compelling world built by Blanka Lipinska has left many readers eager to experience similar, if not more intense, stories.

That’s exactly what we aim to provide here – a carefully curated selection of books that not only match the emotional intensity and intriguing dynamics of ‘365 Days’, but also offer their own unique elements that might just capture your heart and imagination.

So, buckle up for an exciting literary journey that promises to be as thrilling and engaging as Massimo and Laura’s whirlwind love story.

“Bared to You” by Sylvia Day (Crossfire Series)

Overview of the plot

“Bared to You” sets the stage for the Crossfire series, introducing us to Eva Tramell, a young woman who has just moved to New York to start a new job, and Gideon Cross, a young billionaire who owns the building where she works. They’re instantly attracted to each other, but their past traumas and insecurities prove to be formidable obstacles in their path to happiness.

Similarities and differences with “365 Days”

Like “365 Days”, “Bared to You” is rife with passionate romance and intense emotional drama. Both books explore the intricacies of a relationship between two complex characters carrying their individual burdens. However, the characters’ dynamics in “Bared to You” focus more on mutual consent and emotional healing rather than power dynamics, offering a different lens through which to view romantic relationships.

Why it appeals to “365 Days” fans

For fans of “365 Days”, “Bared to You” could offer a fresh yet familiar experience. The passionate romance and the emotional depth that characterize “365 Days” are very much present in this book. Moreover, the depiction of characters’ growth and healing might offer a new perspective that fans of the series might appreciate.

“Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire

Brief summary of the story

“Beautiful Disaster” is a romance novel revolving around the intense relationship between Abby Abernathy, a good girl with a mysterious past, and Travis Maddox, a notorious bad boy involved in underground fight clubs. As Abby resists Travis’s advances and tries to keep her past a secret, their chemistry is undeniable and they inevitably draw closer.

Comparing character dynamics with “365 Days”

The character dynamics in “Beautiful Disaster” and “365 Days” share similarities and differences. Like “365 Days”, “Beautiful Disaster” features a strong, captivating male character with a dangerous edge. However, the power dynamics differ, with both characters in “Beautiful Disaster” having more balanced power in the relationship. The couple’s interactions also hinge on emotional depth and mutual understanding rather than solely on physical attraction.

Exploring the appeal to “365 Days” readers

Fans of “365 Days” might find “Beautiful Disaster” appealing due to its central themes of intense love and emotional complexities. The passionate relationship between Abby and Travis, much like that of Laura and Massimo, will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The exploration of personal growth, self-discovery, and the challenges faced in a relationship add another layer of appeal to fans seeking more than just a whirlwind romance.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James

Highlighting key plot points

“Fifty Shades of Grey” introduces readers to Anastasia Steele, a naive college student, and Christian Grey, a successful businessman with a dark secret. When Anastasia interviews Christian for her college newspaper, a complicated and intense relationship develops, leading her into his world of BDSM.

Discussion on how it caters to “365 Days” audience

Like “365 Days”, “Fifty Shades of Grey” delves into a relationship marked by power dynamics, with a focus on passion and physical desire. Both series showcase relationships that deviate from traditional romance norms, with dominant men and women exploring their boundaries. However, “Fifty Shades” introduces a more detailed exploration of BDSM, offering a different level of intensity and exploration.

Exploring controversial and captivating elements

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is known for its controversial depiction of BDSM and consent, sparking numerous discussions. Nevertheless, its captivating characters and the relationship’s development can be appealing to “365 Days” fans. The intense love, combined with the exploration of a darker side of desire and the unmasking of vulnerabilities, can create a gripping reading experience.

“The Mister” by E.L. James

Summary and exploration of the story

In “The Mister”, readers meet Maxim Trevelyan, a wealthy English aristocrat with little responsibility, and Alessia Demachi, a talented musician escaping a troubled past in Albania. When Alessia starts working for Maxim as his housecleaner, an unexpected connection develops between them, leading to a passionate and complex relationship.

Examining romantic themes and character relations

Like “365 Days”, “The Mister” explores themes of power, wealth, and romance. Both stories feature powerful men who become enamored with women who are seemingly their opposites. However, “The Mister” delves into a different dynamic, focusing on emotional connection, mutual respect, and the transformative power of love.

Reasons for its attraction to “365 Days” fans

“The Mister” may appeal to “365 Days” fans due to its high-stakes romance, its exploration of characters from vastly different backgrounds, and the growth they experience individually and together. Additionally, the passionate love scenes and intense emotional bonds characteristic of E.L. James’ writing could cater to the tastes of “365 Days” readers.

“This Man” by Jodi Ellen Malpas (This Man Trilogy)

Overview of the plot

“This Man” follows the story of Ava O’Shea, an interior designer who finds herself at the doorstep of Jesse Ward, the enigmatic owner of The Manor. Despite her initial intentions to keep things professional, Ava is irresistibly drawn to Jesse, spiraling into a passionate and tumultuous relationship.

Comparison of key themes with “365 Days”

Much like “365 Days”, “This Man” explores an intense, often volatile relationship between a powerful man and a strong woman. The series is filled with passion, possessiveness, and power dynamics. However, the series also touches on themes of obsession and redemption, adding another layer to the narrative that sets it apart from “365 Days”.

How it provides a fresh perspective for “365 Days” enthusiasts

For “365 Days” fans, “This Man” offers an exploration of a similarly passionate and complicated relationship. However, it also delves deeper into the psychological aspects of the characters, their struggles, and their path towards healing and acceptance. This combination of passion, drama, and emotional depth could offer a refreshing and engaging read for fans of the “365 Days” series.

“The Boss” by Abigail Barnette

Unveiling the storyline

“The Boss” follows the story of Sophie Scaife, a young woman who reconnects with Neil Elwood, her former crush and now a successful business tycoon. Their unexpected reunion sparks a relationship filled with passion, exploration, and the navigation of power dynamics.

Discussing similarities with “365 Days” in terms of characters and themes

Similar to “365 Days”, “The Boss” offers an exploration of a relationship between a powerful, wealthy man and a younger woman. The dynamics of dominance, submission, and intense passion are also shared themes between the two books. However, “The Boss” presents a different approach, with emphasis on consent and communication, providing a more modern take on these themes.

Analyzing its charm for “365 Days” followers

“The Boss” can be appealing to fans of “365 Days” due to its steamy and passionate scenes, complex characters, and exploration of power dynamics. Additionally, the book’s exploration of a more balanced relationship, respect, and mutual growth can provide a fresh perspective to readers who enjoyed the themes of “365 Days”.

“In Flight” by R.K. Lilley (Up In The Air Series)

Brief plot outline

“In Flight” introduces readers to Bianca Karlsson, a reserved flight attendant, and James Cavendish, a billionaire hotel mogul who takes a particular interest in her. As their paths cross repeatedly, they embark on a relationship filled with passion, dominance, and a journey of self-discovery.

Comparison and contrast with “365 Days”

Similar to “365 Days”, “In Flight” delves into a passionate relationship marked by power dynamics and intense emotion. Both narratives feature a wealthy, powerful man who is drawn to a strong, independent woman. However, “In Flight” provides a more detailed exploration of the BDSM lifestyle, offering a more nuanced understanding of this dynamic to the readers.

Explanation of its potential allure to “365 Days” readers

“In Flight” could appeal to fans of “365 Days” due to its passionate love story, exploration of dominance and submission, and the growth and development of its characters. Furthermore, the emotional complexities and the portrayal of a strong female character navigating a relationship that pushes her boundaries may resonate with “365 Days” readers.

“Gabriel’s Inferno” by Sylvain Reynard

Introduction to the story and characters

“Gabriel’s Inferno” tells the story of Gabriel Emerson, a respected Dante specialist and university professor, and Julianne Mitchell, a reserved graduate student with a past connection to Gabriel. Their shared interest in Dante’s works sets the stage for a relationship filled with passion, mystery, and redemption.

Analyzing shared and distinct themes with “365 Days”

Like “365 Days”, “Gabriel’s Inferno” delves into the development of a relationship marked by an intense emotional connection. Both stories feature dominant men who are intrigued by strong, resilient women. However, “Gabriel’s Inferno” explores themes of redemption and forgiveness more profoundly, providing a more emotionally charged and soulful narrative.

Exploration of its appeal to “365 Days” audience

“Gabriel’s Inferno” may appeal to “365 Days” fans due to its intricate character development, passionate romance, and the themes of forgiveness and redemption. The transformation of the characters and their relationship, combined with the incorporation of literature and art, provides a unique and engaging reading experience for fans seeking more than just a love story.

“The Submissive” by Tara Sue Me

Overview of the storyline

“The Submissive” follows the relationship between Abby King, a librarian, and Nathaniel West, a wealthy CEO. Abby applies to be Nathaniel’s submissive, kicking off a journey of self-discovery, exploration, and a deepening emotional connection between them.

Comparing the narrative with “365 Days”

While “365 Days” and “The Submissive” both deal with power dynamics in relationships, they approach these themes in different ways. “The Submissive” openly explores the BDSM lifestyle with a strong emphasis on consent and communication, unlike the power-play seen in “365 Days”. The romantic bond in “The Submissive” is interwoven with personal growth and the exploration of one’s desires, pushing the narrative beyond just passion.

Evaluating its appeal for “365 Days” readers

“The Submissive” could be attractive to “365 Days” fans due to its exploration of dominance and submission within a loving relationship. Its balance between passionate scenes and the emotional growth of the characters might provide readers with a fresh perspective. The respectful depiction of the BDSM lifestyle, focusing on trust and communication, also adds depth to the narrative.

Additional Recommendations

“The Crossfire Series” by Sylvia Day

A series about two abuse survivors who find love and solace in each other. Selected for its exploration of past traumas and the healing power of love, which adds depth to the passionate romance.

“Stark Trilogy” by J. Kenner

This series follows a young woman who becomes the assistant to a successful entrepreneur, leading to a passionate affair. Chosen for its exploration of power dynamics and passion.

“The Fixed Trilogy” by Laurelin Paige

About a woman who falls for the charming CEO she’s supposed to keep out of trouble. This series is selected for its rich character development and intense romance, akin to “365 Days”.

“On Dublin Street Series” by Samantha Young

This series follows characters navigating trauma, friendships, and love. Selected for its compelling narratives that combine romance with deeper emotional themes.

“Driven Series” by K. Bromberg

A story of a woman hired to revitalize the public image of a taciturn race car driver, leading to unexpected romance. Selected for its exploration of overcoming personal barriers to embrace love.

“The Hacker Series” by Meredith Wild

This series focuses on a woman starting her own company and the billionaire who takes an interest in her business and her. Selected for its intertwining of business intrigue and romantic passion.

“The Breathless Trilogy” by Maya Banks

A series about a group of wealthy men who have specific tastes in romance and the women they fall for. Chosen for its exploration of power dynamics and desire.

“Royally Series” by Emma Chase

This series introduces readers to modern-day royal romances filled with humor and heart. Selected for its fun take on romance with a touch of fantasy.

“The Controversial Princess” by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This novel features a princess who falls for her bodyguard, leading to a forbidden romance. Selected for its exploration of forbidden love and power dynamics.

“The Steele Stories” by Melody Anne

A series about the Steele siblings, who are forced to face their pasts and find love in the process. Selected for its combination of family dynamics, past traumas, and romance.


In this post, we’ve explored several novels that share thematic elements with “365 Days”, including “Beautiful Disaster”, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “The Mister”, “This Man”, “The Boss”, “In Flight”, “Gabriel’s Inferno”, and “The Submissive”. These novels provide a varied range of storylines, characters, and romantic themes that can cater to the diverse preferences of “365 Days” readers.

Encouraging exploration and open-mindedness in reading

It’s always exciting to discover new books that tap into the themes and narratives we love. Whether you’re drawn to passionate romance, complex character dynamics, or exploration of dominance and submission, there’s a book out there for you. Remember, the joy of reading comes from open-mindedness and the willingness to explore different narratives.

We hope that these book recommendations provide a new literary adventure for “365 Days” fans. Happy reading!

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