“Be Your Future Self Now” Summary

Quick Fix Summary: “Be Your Future Self Now” is an empowering guide that emphasizes the importance of envisioning and embodying your desired future self today in order to effectively manifest personal growth and success.

Our Summary of “Be Your Future Self Now”

The book “Be Your Future Self Now” presents a groundbreaking perspective on personal growth and success. It uncovers the importance of not only envisioning but also embodying our future selves in the present moment.

Here are a few key topics we’ll dive into:

  • Taking Control of Your Destiny: Learn about the empowering process of taking control of your future by being proactive today.
  • The Power of the Present: Explore the concept of manifesting your future in the present moment and the transformative effects it can have on your life.
  • Practical Implementation: Understand how to practically apply these concepts in your day-to-day life to enhance personal growth and success.

Without giving away any spoilers, we will distill the wisdom offered by the author into four key takeaways. Let’s dive in and explore these valuable lessons together.

Key Takeaway #1: Embrace the Vision

One of the central themes of “Be Your Future Self Now” is the concept of envisioning your future self. The book emphasizes that this vision should not be a vague or distant concept, but rather a tangible and immediate presence in your daily life.

Here’s what the book teaches us about embracing the vision:

  • Casting the Vision: The book provides strategies on how to visualize your future self. It encourages readers to be clear and detailed in this vision, considering every aspect of their lives.
  • Feeling the Vision: It’s not enough to just envision your future self; the book underscores the importance of feeling the emotions associated with being that person now.
  • Living the Vision: Finally, the author insists on living as your envisioned self now. This means taking actions and making decisions that align with your future self.

This first key takeaway underscores the book’s central theme and serves as the foundation for the principles discussed in the later sections.

Key Takeaway #2: The Role of Action

The second takeaway from “Be Your Future Self Now” revolves around the concept of action. Not just any action, but informed, intentional action that aligns with your vision of your future self.

The book outlines the critical role action plays in manifesting your future:

  • Identifying Aligned Actions: The author prompts readers to identify actions that align with their future selves. These can be as small as daily habits or as large as career decisions.
  • Consistent Action: It is emphasized that consistency in these actions is crucial. You can’t be your future self intermittently; it needs to be a regular and consistent effort.
  • Learning from Action: There is a strong emphasis on learning from the outcomes of your actions. This continuous learning helps to refine your vision and bring it closer to reality.

This second key takeaway highlights the necessity of consistent, aligned action to become your future self now.

Key Takeaway #3: Embrace Change and Adaptability

“Be Your Future Self Now” presents change and adaptability as a vital third key takeaway. The author emphasizes that your vision of your future self should not be static but must evolve with time and experience.

Here are some core concepts around this idea:

  • Re-evaluating the Vision: The author encourages readers to regularly re-evaluate their vision of their future self. Life circumstances change, and so should our visions.
  • Embracing Change: Change, whether it’s personal or professional, can bring about growth. The book helps readers understand how to navigate changes in a way that aligns with their future self.
  • Adaptability: Lastly, the author underscores the importance of being adaptable in the face of new situations or obstacles. This adaptability keeps us aligned with our future self, even when our path deviates from the original plan.

By embracing change and staying adaptable, you can ensure that your future self continues to evolve and grow over time.

Key Takeaway #4: Building Support Networks

The fourth key takeaway from “Be Your Future Self Now” concerns the role of our relationships and the environment in shaping our future selves. The author emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with support networks that align with and aid in realizing our future visions.

Let’s explore some of the book’s points on this:

  • Choosing Relationships: The book insists on the importance of intentionally choosing relationships that support and enhance our vision of our future self.
  • Building a Supportive Environment: The author stresses the significance of cultivating a physical and social environment that mirrors the life of our future self.
  • Leveraging Networks: Finally, the book talks about the value of leveraging these networks for advice, motivation, and shared learning experiences.

In summary, this fourth takeaway underlines how intentionally forming relationships and creating supportive environments can bolster our journey towards becoming our future selves.

Who Would Enjoy “Be Your Future Self Now”

“Be Your Future Self Now” is a book that speaks to a wide range of readers. Particularly, those who:

  • Seek Personal Growth: Individuals interested in self-improvement and personal growth will find great value in the book’s practical strategies.
  • Are at a Crossroads: If you’re at a juncture in your life, be it professional or personal, the book can offer valuable guidance.
  • Need Motivation: Those who need a spark of motivation to take charge of their future will find this book incredibly inspiring.
  • Want a Life Change: If you’re looking to make significant changes in your life, the principles outlined in this book can offer a fresh and empowering perspective.

So, whether you’re just beginning your journey of self-improvement or looking to refine your path, “Be Your Future Self Now” offers practical and inspiring lessons for everyone.


In “Be Your Future Self Now”, the author presents a compelling and practical guide to self-improvement and personal growth. The book encourages us to:

  • Envision and Embrace our Future Selves: By developing a clear and tangible vision of our future self and living as that person in the present moment.
  • Take Aligned and Consistent Action: By identifying and carrying out actions that reflect our future selves.
  • Adapt and Change: By staying flexible and open to change, allowing our vision of our future self to evolve and grow.
  • Build Supportive Networks: By intentionally cultivating relationships and environments that foster growth and alignment with our future selves.

As we have seen, “Be Your Future Self Now” offers valuable lessons and strategies for anyone looking to take control of their destiny and actively create their future today.

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